Preparation Prior to Floor Removal

Step 1

Clear driveway/walkway for easy access to room where floor is being removed

Step 2

Clear room of any furniture, drapery and personal belongings

Step 3

Turn off A/C

What to Expect

We are about 80% dustless we do our very best to capture as much dust as possible with our dustless grinders and by blocking of entry and exits with 1 mil of plastic. There may be some dust. Wood Floor removal produces less dust than tile floor removal. Our tile and hardwood removal is demolition. This will at times cause incidental damage. We take every precaution to limit and prevent any damage. Most, if any is paint touch ups. Our system is 80% dustless both visible and unseen. The nature of removal will create debris from our equipment as we work on removing the floor from your home. We do a light clean including sweep and shop-vac of area where removal was done. As well as a walk through with client or contractor to make sure no raised edges or debris are left behind. Removal is usually 1-2 days but there is no exact science as to how long the removal will take as there are several methods used (or not used) in the original installation of your flooring. Our methods are much faster than the traditional way and your substrate will be installation ready when we are finished.

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